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 ... Faux Rock Systems has saved my company money.

I get in there and get the job done quickly and I am not paying a fortune in labor costs either. That makes me and my clients happy!

The product is of the highest quality.
I am a satisfied customer.

Randy Thomas

 I want to THANK YOU guys for everything!!!! I have to tell you that Joey puts on a Hell-of-a Class!!!

I really enjoyed myself over the weekend. It was DEFINITELY one of the best I've attended so far. I will have to say that by going to this class, it has given me an ENTIRELY different outlook on where the Synthetic Rock Industry is headed!!!!

I will say that I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to getting the "NEW SHOW" on the road.

Tell Jim that I Really Appreciate everything he has done to help us all in our endeavors, but most of all, just tell him I said, "Thank You!!! " I know he works hard at this.
Thanks Again,


 Over the past four months we have purchased approximately $130,000.00 in rock products from Superior Rock Solutions™ in McMinnville, OR. We are pleased with the product and delivery and intend on continuing to do business with them.

The project we are currently working on is a multi-phased condominium project, of which we have only completed one phase. It is likely that we will be continuing on with the other phases, and will be ordering additional fake rock products from Superior Rock Solutions™.
Very Truly Yours,

Steve Lindell
Lindell Properties, Inc.
dba Alpha Building Company

 I hear so much bull day in and day out from people, it is refreshing to hear a straight answer about faux rock panels.

I asked, you answered, and not only that, it all MAKES SENSE.
Thank you very much,

Ed Gordon
Aviva Directory

  WOW! We are SO excited to get to work with this product in our park!!

I have attached a few photos from today’s session.

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Thanks and I’ll be in touch…

Julianne Lowman
Marketing Director
Decatur Parks & Recreation & Point Mallard Park

 Great to speak with you and I am SO excited to get to incorporate your product in our park!

The cat-tails will be synthetic rubber, molded and flexible so kids won’t be able to tear them apart…but I will have spares just in case.

The center slides will be replaced with a foam, then covered with pool liner that will be airbrushed to look like a stream. Same for the two new side slides.

The rock area will provide the waterfall feature and give it the “duck pond” feel. The stupid looking tree is actually going to be fabricated…out of I’m not sure what.

Right now it’s one of those mushroom waterfall thingies that has Mountain Dew printed on it. It doesn’t fit the theme of the attraction. The top of the attraction usually has a fiberglass head of our mascot, but I was thinking about doing away with that and adding a fountain instead.

We need to figure out how to get the water falls plumbed as we only have a single water source (see view from top of duck pond photo)

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Let me know what you think,

Julianne Lowman
Marketing Director
Decatur Parks & Recreation & Point Mallard Park

 Would you please forward my appreciation to Skylar, Jim and others who initiated the pilot workshops such as I attended with Frank Rowley in NC last month.  

Working with the panels and other new products by Superior Rock Solutions was great, but for me the real  excitement was using the Chicago Pneumatic spray gun. 

Frank also covered all questions about basic techniques much more effectively than my earlier class in Chantilly, VA.  He was a stickler for detail, and his evaluations of on site work will help all of us in the class critique our efforts much more critically. 

We will be capable of producing more realistic and professional products.

Thanks Again,

Kenneth Aadsen

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