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Why is it suggested that new customers attend a hands on class first?

All new customers who do not have experience installing cliff rock, stone, stacked or brick panels are encouraged to attend a two-day hands-on class before placing their first order to avoid common mistakes and to learn tricks of the trade. Classes generally are held every three weeks, Fri.-Sat., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.,  at one of our various facilities.

We've discovered that it can be a disservice - to our customers and our company - if customers are not trained in the latest and most effective installation techniques. We want customers to take advantage of our many years of experience. Completion of a class ensures that new customers "hit the ground running" instead of spending valuable time learning through trial and error.

Instruction covers installation, hand-work, coloring and other important techniques. Individuals who attend a class at our facilities also benefit from viewing the products. Students can see and feel the full variety and natural detail of more than 180 different stocked items for ease of ordering in the future.

Is there a high demand for these types of installations?

Yes, there is a high demand for rockscapes in landscaping and swimming pool industries as well as the residential/commercial architectural market.

Pre-cast installation “techniques” have been secret for decades. As a result, demands cannot fully be met by the few companies that exist today. This brings tremendous opportunity for new companies.

Superior Rock Solutions™ has experience in all types of rock projects from manufacturing pre-cast waterfall fountains to designing and constructing large commercial projects. It offers complete hands-on training of all pre-cast installation techniques.

With Synthetic Rock Solutions™ training, you can launch a lifetime business or add a competitive edge to an existing business without the hassle of territories and royalties from franchisers. You are truly independent to take your business in the direction you want.

Are there any prerequisite skills required to attend a class?

SRS wants our customers to be successful, however our classes are not designed to teach participants a career, but rather help them build on the skills and experience they should already have.

We've discovered that the individuals who are able to fully grasp the techniques we share in our classes are those who have backgrounds with at least several years of experience in masonry and/or reinforced concrete and hydraulics (i.e., pumps, understanding of how to "distribute" water, etc.).

Equally as important, we've noticed that the class participants who almost immediately begin putting their new knowledge to use are those who display a certain aggressive "can-do" attitude and are eager to make the jump to our technologies without returning to using natural stone or hand-carving--both methods that most see as outdated and unprofitable when compared to using SRS systems and products.

Because our two-day classes are small in size, we only accept students who have the most potential to succeed and therefore require that participants have, at a minimum, the above trade experience and a willingness to place their first order within 60 days of the class to take advantage of our full class refund policy.

What will I learn in the class?

Participants in the comprehensive two-day class learn the most advanced techniques and materials available today to create awe-inspiring and profitable rock, stone, and brick features for commercial and residential clients.

Students learn how to create many different type of features using the Superior Rock Solutions™ panels including how to seam them together for a perfectly natural look and how to stain and seal the completed projects.

How long has your company been creating synthetic rock?

For more than 30 years Synthetic Rock Solutions™ has been creating synthetic rock and stone product. It currently supplies rock formations to a wide variety of companies and groups, from single homeowners to large construction firms.

Superior Rock Solutions™ and its products have been featured at Disney World in Florida, and on the nationally syndicated television shows Monster House and Trading Spaces .

How do synthetic rocks compare too real rock in cost and appearance?

Synthetic rocks are more lightweight, easier to move, more durable, and environmentally friendly. Real rocks weigh more and heavy machinery often is required to transport them. This limits where they can be placed or positioned. Real rock often cracks and leaks over time primarily due to contact with water.

In general terms, real rock cannot withstand the extremes of harsh weather conditions as well as synthetic rock. Real rock also is becoming harder and more costly to acquire from natural settings.

As far as price, our synthetic rock costs about a third less than real rock. Synthetic rock also is more economical because of the lower costs associated with transportation, machinery and labor.

Our rock looks and feels amazingly realistic because it is molded from real rock.

How long do the synthetic rocks last and have they been field-tested?

They are designed to last a lifetime. We have spent over 30 years field-testing and researching artificial rock to ensure it is the highest quality when it comes to structural integrity, textured finishes, and stained finishes.

How do your rocks hold up in freeze/thaw or high temperature conditions?

Our many different formulations of high comprehensive strength composite materials produce a more durable rock product than conventional synthetic rock materials or real rock. This means better resistance to cracking or damage due to freezing and thawing, thermal shock, or expansion and contraction. The composite mix creates a high-impact strength rock product.

Thanks to our high performance composite material systems and the thermo plastic clear coat, the rocks maintain their color, are crack and stain resistant, and resist algae growth. They resist fading, chalking, and chlorine, and chloride attack better than other rock systems - synthetic or real.

What is recommended for cleaning rocks?

We recommend the rocks be washed with water as needed. They also can be scrubbed with a nylon brush and water.

If there is any calcium or alkaline deposit,  use a mild diluted acid solution.

First, wet the rock with water then spray on the mild diluted acid solution. Let the solution soak in for five minutes. Put on rubber gloves and safety glasses and scrub the stains with a nylon brush. Rinse rock thoroughly when finished.

For oil-based stains, use the same procedure but use a mild detergent solution instead of an acid solution.

What about unwanted moss or algae growth?

Simply wash and scrub it off the rocks. Moss and algae cannot stain or establish a strong foothold on our rock because it is not porous like other synthetic rock systems or real rock. Our non-porous thermo plastic sealer also repels moss and algae.

Can you culture or simulate moss or algae on the rocks we order?

Yes, we can simulate any type of sedimentary depositing including moss and algae. It is a popular technique requested by many customers.

Can I put fish, snails or water plants in the ponds?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. As with any aquatic setting, there are up front and ongoing treatments or conditions required to create and maintain biological harmony.

Can these rocks be put into swimming pools?

Yes, we have created many different aesthetic and functional amenities specifically designed for spas or swimming pools for in or out of water.

How much does a rock panel weigh?

Rock panels weigh approximately 4 to 7 pounds per square foot installed.

What about price and availability?

We offer the most competitive prices for the best quality and most realistic looking product in the industry. Price is based on square footage.

With a large stock of molded rock always in storage, we package and ship your choice of panels within five working days.

Custom rock or rock feature orders are ready to ship within two to four weeks from the order date.

How are the rocks shipped?

Small- and medium-size orders are shipped FedEx or UPS. Medium-large to large-size orders are shipped by freight or container box on railways. All orders are tracked and insured.

What is done to seal these rocks and how long does it last?

When the rock is completely installed, a thermo plastic sealer is applied. This sealer needs to be reapplied every five years. Contact your local dealer for more information and procedures to reseal the rocks.

Can I order customized rock formations or color?

Yes, we specialize in designing and fabricating prototypes for a wide variety of commercial clients. We create the item based on your specifications, make the molds, and make castings from that mold. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Are your rocks painted or stained?

Rocks are colored two ways. One method is our state-of-the-art integral coloring system. Another method is to stain the rocks after they have cured. A minimum of eight penetrating stain colors are applied on every rock we manufacture.

Why do your rocks look so real?

They are molded from real rock and stone. A patented molding process duplicates every nick, crack, or crevice on the real specimen. Our molding process and staining gives the final product a three-dimensional look.

Will they fade?

To prevent fading, the rocks are finished with UV resistant stain and sealed with a thermo plastic coating. Although, the rocks will weather like any product outdoors, the changes are very slight and should go unnoticed.

Are your rocks fire resistant?

Yes, they are made with fire retardant materials that gives them a high fire resistance.

What are your rocks made of?

The rocks are manufactured using a blend of special proprietary composite materials. There are five different base formulations we use to create fiber reinforced cementatious composite materials to create a variety of artificial rock products.

Limitation of Damages - Synthetic Rock Solution’s liability for any defective product shall in no event exceed the purchase price for the defective product. This limitation applies even if Superior Rock Solutions cannot or does not repair or replace any defective product or the product  fails or becomes defective after it is replaced or repaired.

What is your return policy?

Opened product only can be returned for an exchange of the same title if it is packaged incorrectly or defective. A written explanation plus your order information must be sent with the item to be exchanged.

There are no refunds for the DVD Mail Order Course - all sales are final. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you for your business. We always strive to offer our customers the best service possible.

What is your warranty policy?

A 10-year limited prorated warranty guarantees all products to be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship and to conform to company  specifications for a period of 10 years from the original date of purchase. Under the warranty, products are subject to the following conditions and exclusions:

Return Material Authorization (RMA) -

If your product requires warranty service, the original sales receipt must be submitted at the time of the claim.

Limitation of Remedies -

The remedy for any defective product is limited to the repair or replacement of that  product. Superior Rock Solutions has the sole discretion to determine the  appropriate remedy or combination of remedies. After determining that a product is defective or contains defects, Superior Rock Solutions shall be given a  reasonable time to repair or replace the product. If a product needs to be replaced, it will be manufactured from new and serviceable parts. A repaired or replaced product shall be covered under the original warranty’s remaining time line or ninety days from the date of shipment of the repaired or replaced product, whichever is longer.

Limitation of Damages -

Synthetic Rock Solution’s liability for any defective product shall in no event exceed the purchase price for the defective product. This limitation applies even if Superior Rock Solutions cannot or does not repair or replace any defective product or the product become defective or fails after it is replaced or repaired.

No Consequential or Other Damages -

Superior Rock Solutions has no liability for general, consequential, incidental or special damages. These include lost profits; the cost of the installation or removal of any products; the installation of replacement products; and any inspection, testing, or redesign caused by any defect or by the repair or replacement of products arising from a defect in any product.

In the United States, some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations above may not apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary, from state to state.

Superior Rock Solutions will have no liability for any product returned if Superior Rock Solutions determines that: the product was stolen from Superior Rock Solutions; the asserted defect is not present; the product cannot reasonably be fixed because of damage, accident or mishandling that occurs when the product is in the possession of someone other than Superior Rock Solutions; the defect is attributable to misuse, improper installation, alteration, intentional damage, negligence, unreasonable use or exposure; or the product was not new when purchased.

Additional Limitations on Warranty -

Synthetic Rock Solution’s warranty does not cover products that arrive improperly packaged, altered, or physically damaged. Products will be inspected upon receipt.

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