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Modern Technology Produces Timeless Creations

Man-made rock outperforms real stone in cost and ease of installation

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural rock in architectural design.

Patented Formulas for Exceptional Rock

Through extensive field testing and research, Superior Rock Solutions™ has created patented formulations that produce impressive faux rock.

Made of mixtures of fiber reinforced concrete, the panels have high impact strength.

Until recently, it only was available to those who could afford high-end luxury. With today’s new technology, spectacular replications of stone and rock are affordable for all budgets.

As artificial rock has evolved, some products have proven to be superior to real rock for a variety of reasons. 

“Man-made rock surpasses many of the features of real rock,” said Jim Jenkins, President of Synthetic Rock Solutions™ and a pioneer of many of today’s techniques for manufacturing mock stone and brick. “It’s impossible to distinguish from real rock and it’s much more affordable. Contractors can build large projects for a fraction of what it would cost with real rock.”

Superior Rock Solutions™ prides itself on producing outstanding man-made products and designs. Every faux rock panel product comes with a ten year warranty.

Business is Booming

We believe it is good for business to make sure our customers are able to fulfill their clients’ dreams in the most effective manner possible. Nothing hurts a company more than sending someone out the door who is lacking in skills and support.

– Jim Jenkins, President, Superior Rock Solutions™

As a pioneer and leading company in the industry, Superior Rock Solutions™ panels are rated among the best in the world. They look so real, customers can’t tell the difference.

With its reputation for excellence, the company has grown steadily since Jenkins founded it in 1977. Recently, it expanded to new, larger headquarters in Sheridan, Ore.

An emphasis on customer care has fueled its success.

Synthetic Rock Solutions™ offers extensive technical assistance as well as technical manuals and step-by-step training in all pre-cast installation techniques.

Man-made rock adds up to savings

Family Owned Business
Since 1977

Family owned Superior Rock Solutions™ has been marketing, field testing and manufacturing man-made rock formations since 1977. Owner and founder Jim Jenkins fell in love with rocks as a teenager while working with his father, who built waterfalls and other rock amenities.

The company has grown to be an international leader in manufacturing. But ‘family’ remains a key part of the business. Jenkins, his wife, Bobbi, their sons, Skyler and Shek, and other relatives run the company’s day-to-day operations.

New customers are quickly sold on the benefits of faux rock panels.

Highly versatile, there are unlimited applications - from manufacturing pre-cast landscaping rocks to designing and constructing giant water features.

Once installed, the panels weigh a mere four to seven pounds per square foot. In comparison, one square foot of real rock weighs about 54 pounds.

The company’s high impact panels rate above other products and real rock for many reasons:  

Lightweight: Unlike real rock or concrete, there is no need to worry about damage to underlying surfaces such as pool decks and patios.

Lower cost: They are less expensive due to lower transportation and labor costs. Large faux rock features such as cliffs and waterfalls can be installed on site.

Water and fire proof: Specially formulated products and time tested sealers  prevent leakage and damage from water, fire and most chemicals.

 Stain resistant: A thermo plastic clear coat helps maintain color, and resist stains, chalking, fading, chlorine and chloride attack better than other systems.

Crack and chip resistant: Made of strong composite materials, the panels resist chips and cracks better than concrete and real rock.

Versatile: Formations can be cast from molds off-site or sculpted by hand. Molds can be taken from real rock or custom designed. Simple techniques are used to  create cracks, indentions, shadows, highlights and fake sediment for an authentic look.  

Superior Rock Solutions™ has expertise in every type of man-made stone, rock or brick project. Learn more by calling toll-free at 1-800-651-7573. Or email us.

Call 1-800-651-7573 to Order Faux Rock Products Superior Rock Solutions
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