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New Products Energize Landscape Design

Decorative rocks set the stage for commercial & residential outdoor settings

Rocks are essential to any landscape design today.

Learn Modern Techniques in Decorative Rock Landscaping!

Training is available for professionals interested in improving their skills to make synthetic rock and create exciting faux rockscapes and stone features to beautify any outdoor setting.

For more information, call Superior Rock Solutions toll free at 1-800-651-7573 email us.

With today’s advanced technology, professionals are finding it easier than ever to create sophisticated and dramatic hardscapes using manufactured rock.

Synthetic rock  is overshadowing real rock and stone features in landscaping as more people discover it’s beauty, versatility and durability.  

“In the past, fake rock was only used at theme parks and water parks,” said Jim Jenkins, President of Superior Rock Solutions, a leading manufacturer of faux  rock products and designs. “Today, you find it everywhere because not only is it more economical than real rock, it looks and feels amazingly realistic.”

Artificial rock and stone products allow for more lavish and creative projects at a more affordable cost, Jenkins said.

One of Synthetic Rock Solutions newest designs – interlocking rock and stone panels – makes installation quick and simple. 

The company offers a complete line of products for contractors and other professionals to make impressive rockscapes for residential and commercial

Add natural ambience to any setting

For a rustic feel, there are simulated sediments like moss or algae that can be applied to the finished rocks.

Custom Design Made Easy!

Custom stonework - once considered too pricey for many landscaping budgets - is now attainable for most clients.

Synthetic Rock Solutions gives professionals the ability to produce custom designs with manufactured rock and stone. One-of-a-kind molds can be created for big and small projects. Any number of castings can be produced from the mold.

Huge boulders replicating Easter Island can be constructed for a commercial project. Add glamour to a garden with a unique sculpture, a rock couch or decorative stepping stones.  

Synthetic Rock Solutions has fabricated dozens of prototypes for landscaping projects including outdoor kitchens, rock climbing walls, limestone well houses, stone towers, faux rock swimming pool slides and fake rock pet urns.
The possibilities are endless. View some of Superior Rock Solutions custom faux rock creations at the company’s prototypes page.

To learn more about custom molds, call toll-free at 1-888- 684-0086. Receive a free quote for a prototype idea.

Different colored stains and colors are available to create realism and add a touch or charm to gardens, patios and other outdoor  areas. 

There is a huge selection of fractured cliff rock panels for landscaping projects. Many are available in the company’s new patented interlocking design.

Panels are available in many styles including brick, limestone, fieldstone, river rock and stacked stone.

A wide variety is available to please every personal taste and budget.

These panels come in all sizes, shapes and colors and can be used to create any landscape feature including:

  • Boulders, stones and rocks to enhance gardens and line pathways
  • Outcroppings of all sizes, shapes and colors
  • Fire pits and barbeques
  • Retaining walls and barriers
  • Water features, fountains, bubbler rocks and ponds
  • Home exterior accents and utility sheds
  • Patio flooring, stepping stones and pavers
  • Outdoor statues, sculptures and columns

View Synthetic Rock Solutions products and accessories now. Or call toll-free 888-684-0086 to receive a free estimate for a  landscape project.  

Call 1-800-651-7573 to Order Faux Rock Products Superior Rock Solutions
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