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Faux Rocks Deliver Exotic Waterscapes

Contractors benefit from explosion in waterfall, pool and spa construction

Rocks are essential to any landscape design today.

Array of Designs!

Water features are among the most requested outdoor amenities today. Superior Rock Solutions offers a vast line of stone, brick and rock products to create:

- Water fountains, bubbler rocks and water sculptures
- Waterfalls, weeping walls, lagoons and grottos
- Swimming pool slide surrounds
- Rock spa surrounds and enclosures
- Fish tanks
- Waterfall slides
- Moats, caves, cliffs and ledges 

Conceal Eyesores

Hide pumps, plumbing, hoses, wiring, meters and unsightly items with artificial boulders from Superior Rock Solutions. Realistic fake rock covers and boulders are an attractive solution for commercial and residential uses. For more information, call toll-free at 1-800-651-7573.

Indoor & Outdoor Fountains Add Charm

Tranquility is just minutes away with bubbler rocks and fountains quick and easy to install. Synthetic Rock Solutions specializes in all sizes, styles and colors. Attach a fountain to a wall, in the middle of a pond or free standing for a grand entryway. For more information, call toll free 888-684-0086 or email us.

When it comes to building waterfalls, fountains and ponds, faux rock is becoming the product of choice among contractors, masons and architects.

With the trend in outdoor amenities and home remodeling, professionals who specialize in water features are in big demand today.  

“Whether at home or in a resort setting, customers are requesting more exotic swimming pools, spas and water features,” said Skyler Jenkins, Vice President of Synthetic Rock Solutions that manufactures artificial stone products for water features. “We’re definitely experiencing more business, especially among high-end clients wanting to fulfill dream projects.

“With faux rock, you can replicate fantastic waterfalls, ponds and other features that mimic the beauty and feel of raw nature.”

Superior Rock Solutions can assist professionals with all their water feature requests. Patented technology developed over three decades promises superior quality fake rock and stone for dreamy waterscapes.

Rocky retreats for every budget

Faux rock – pronounced “fo” – is an excellent option for waterscape designs for many reasons.

Less expensive and stronger than real rock, today’s synthetic rock is made to last. Fireproof and waterproof, it resists weathering and is less labor intensive than real rock.

There are designs to fit every budget.

Faux rock tabletop and bubbler fountains are ideal for infusing charm and tranquility into a small patio or garden.

Waterfalls, slide enclosures, ponds and rock spa surrounds can transform a mundane back yard into a rocky paradise.

Magnificent fractured rock and cliff creations for resorts, water parks, zoos and theme parks are so real looking, no one will know the difference. Huge caves, grottos, lagoons and waterfalls can be pieced together and installed on site.

Superior Rock Solutions offers contractors all the tools and knowledge needed to manufacture their own decorative rock and stone products for water features. Or purchase rock panels direct.

Prototypes for one-of-a-kind designs also are available. Call for a complimentary estimate at 1-800-651-7573.

Fish Friendly

Unlike other synthetic materials, Superior Rock Solutions™ rock panels are safe for ponds and aquariums. Pumps and biological filters make these installations perfect for fresh and salt water fish, snails, water plants and other wildlife.

A non-porous sealer repels moss and algae growth. Faux rock features are easy to clean. Just scrub and rinse with water.

Faux rock also is great for large tanks because of its light weight.

As with all aquatic features, ongoing treatment is necessary to maintain biological harmony.

Let Superior Rock Solutions assist you in designing and equipping a natural looking pond or aquarium for fish and other water life.

Call 1-800-651-7573 to Order Faux Rock Products Superior Rock Solutions
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