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Faux Rock Products Gain in Popularity

Faux rock panels / faux rock construction is now more popular than ever.

Faux rock construction is an interesting and creative application to bring to any building project, from the largest commercial endeavor to the local residential home sight.    

Commitment to Customers

Superior Rock Solutions is dedicated to helping customers successfully build faux rock climbing walls.

Receive the highest level of service three ways:

- Comprehensive training in fake stone climbing wall installation
- Manufacture and production of superior grade standard- and custom-size faux rock climbing walls
- Free technical assistance five days a week

Decades ago, faux rock and faux rock panels were used for water installations.  Experts in the field are now proving many useful ways to work with this concrete alternative in the construction business. 

With these recent advances in this technology comes a high demand from project managers and contractors who are in need of personnel who have expertise in this specialized area. 

What's in Faux Rocks?

Faux rock panels consist of composite synthetic materials that create the look and feel of actual rock or stone. With countless variations of faux rock products on the market, and a host of application methods available today.

You can make any project a work of art.

All Shapes, Sizes and Styles

We are now seeing faux rock in projects that vary in size, from your large projects such as amusement parks and zoos that require specialized individuals who can create realistic attractions using the very best in faux rock material.

To the medium size commercial projects such as hotels, golf courses, country clubs, and resorts that take advantage of faux rock and faux rock panel applications to create a realistic atmosphere for there guests.

Smaller projects, which includes your residential construction in private homes, that allows for greater creativity for both the home owner and the design team whether it is an architectural firm, or the faux rock contractor.

Home Oasis

Many homeowners are turning to the faux rock contractor, masonry contractors, or faux rock designer to create there own home oasis.

Blend into Any Environment

Many landscape companies are now using faux rock construction to create rock or stone style structures from the outdoor barbeque areas to complete outdoor kitchens which are very popular in the southwest parts of the country such as California and Arizona.

The landscaper is able to match the faux rock to look similar or identical to actual rocks that are indigenous to the area. Using faux rock for skirting around the pool area to resemble a natural lake or body of water; instead of your standard outdoor swimming pool is another way that landscapers take advantage in using faux rock construction.

Creative Uses

Faux rock can also be used to store items, due to its lightweight nature faux rock structures are constructed for use as covers for the garden hose, and other home owner supplies.  

One of the more creative ways that faux rock and faux rock panels are now being used is in the field of interior decorating or design. 

Many spas and retreats are using faux rock to create the Zen and peacefulness of nature, with construction of interior rock beds and babbling brooks of water coursing there way through your home or place of business. 

Wine cellars are now more popular than ever and many are using faux rock panels to accentuate the cellar walls.

They Look Like the Real Thing!

Faux rock panels are made from high density polyurethane that was shaped from a mold of actual rock, brick, stone and other natural materials.  They are durable, lightweight, realistic and easy to install. 

Some of the benefits to using faux rock panels are that they are made from quality organic material. To compare, real rocks weigh more and in some cases require machinery to move and position them in place which limits the possibilities of placement depending on the space available.

Real rock also over time can crack and become damaged due to weather and with direct contact with water. 

They Last a Lifetime

Faux rock panels are designed to last a lifetime.  These rock panels are durable and able to withstand different climates, extreme heat and freezing conditions. Faux rocks maintain there color and  shape and are stain proof.

Another important feature of faux rock is with its natural fire retardant properties, which is important when using them in outdoor kitchens and barbeques and other high heat applications.

Simulated stone siding / faux rock siding is an up and coming arena for many construction companies and home builders. Stacked faux rock panels are used to create a look of a home or business that gives the appearance of real stone at a much lower cost to the builder and ultimately to the home or business owner.

Replaces the Real Thing

The process of using faux rock panels has become so popular that millions of homes are being built using some form of faux rock or faux stone siding instead of stucco or actual stone or brick. The advantages of using faux stone and / or faux rock is its durability, its resistance to weathering, and added support to the structure of the home or building, but remains lightweight and easy to work with. 

Whether the project manager, mason, landscaper, or the novice homeowner looking to accentuate your building project. Using faux rock panels or faux stone siding allows for greater creativity at a cost effective price. 

Faux rock panels/faux stone ensure that the integrity and beauty of a home or project is maintained, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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