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Fake Stone Siding

There are many advantages to fake stone siding.  It’s easy to install, and low maintenance.  It also gives an easier alternative to real rock or stone.  Today siding with fake stone has become a popular replacement to the real thing.  When a homeowner or business owner wants to update and wants the look of stone without the high cost or high maintenance they are turning to the stone alternative.

Nothing could be easier for the remodeler than polyurethane simulated panels.  These products are mortar free, lightweight, in-expensive, and can be installed easily with one or two persons and with basic tools that most everyone has in there home.

Fake stone can be made to look like any stone out there.  If its brick you want then fake brick is available.  Like the look of a log cabin? Then start looking for fake wood or fake log out there and begin the remodel.  These panels are made from polyurethane that is made and molded into sheets that has the appearance of stones that are joined together.

The siding comes in different sizes and is stacked in sheets; the options are numerous to look like squares set in rows and joined by seams which divide into rows.  For each panel or siding there are also corners that are manufactured to match the flat sheets.   

Fake stone is durable, weather resistant; impact resistant the veneer is typically made in two by four foot sheets as mentioned before can be installed with hand tools.  This allows the siding to be durable and wont fade.

Fake stone gives a home or business the look of solid construction at lower costs than actual siding constructed from real rock.   Fake stone or fake masonry veneer also offer a wide variety of stone sizes do some homework before jumping in to purchase fake stone siding.  You can purchases the materials from many builders and company but there are also schools available to teach you how to make your own rock.  There are many resources on the market for the novice up to the experienced contractor.

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