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Fake Rock Must-Have for Commerial Use

Versatile panels eliminate extensive labor associated with ‘real’ stone

From theme parks like Disney World in Florida to luxury casinos in Monte Carlo, fake rock is replacing real stone in commercial applications worldwide.

Custom Design for Commerial Use is Our Specialty!

Superior Rock Solutions specializes in custom design for commercial uses. Dedicated employees are here to assist professionals from start to finish on commercial projects. Call toll free for a complimentary estimate at 1-800-651-7573 or email us.

Replicate Nature!

Today’s fake rock products add elegance to any commercial setting.

  • Aquariums
  • Signs
  • Hotels, resorts and casinos
  • Museums, art galleries and other public buildings   
  • Office buildings
  • Parks 
  • Restoration projects
  • Shopping malls
  • Theme parks
  • Water parks
  • Zoos

Contractors, builders and architects are finding that faux stone can provide the look of real rock without the costs associated with the back breaking labor of installing real boulders and brick.  

But not every man-made stone product is created equal.

Superior Rock Solutions™ - a global industry leader in artificial brick, fake stone and rock applications – has superior quality fake rock products that truly duplicate  nature’s brilliance.

With a proven track record for over 30 years, Superior Rock Solutions unique panel systems are a world apart from other products.

Realistic looking fake rock panels are made from fiber reinforced cementatous composite and have overall strong strength. From ¼-inch to ½-inch thick, these sturdy panels have a front-to-back overall relief of approximately 2-½ inches thick.

More versatile than ever, these panels are perfect for office and other commercial buildings, apartment and residential developments, public parks and government offices, and resorts and casinos.

Easy-to-install interlocking fake fractured rock, cliff, brick and stone panels can be assembled in minutes.

Take a peek at the wonderful variety of colors and textures at fake rock panels.  
Call 1-800-651-7573 to Order Faux Rock Products Superior Rock Solutions
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