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Free Three Day ClassThe demand for manufactured stone is growing more and more in the residential commercial construction, landscaping, and masonry industry.   

Fake rock made from state of the art synthetic material, polyurethane, and color pigments are used in molds to create the authentic looking, veneers used on simulated fake rock, fake stone panels, as well as brick panels.   Technology is now using scratch resistant agents and additives to enhance the texture and feel of fake stone and brick.  With countless variations of products on the market any project can be done easily and can be done as a “DIY” project.  This process also is resistant to blunt trauma (neighbors child baseball goes array).

An interesting and creative approach is to create molds that look like actual stone.  Molds are now being used to have the look of fieldstone (smooth and textured to resemble rocks plowed in farmland), soapstone, flagstone, slate as well as brick.

One should not be intimidated by working with fake rock.  We are now seeing fake rock/ stone  in all types and sizes of projects both commercial and residential.  In commercial projects such as amusement parks and zoos.

The use fake stone and rock are being implemented to create realistic attractions, as well as replicas of natural like habitats for the animals.  Water parks and other underwater attractions have used   fake stone and rock to recreate the feel and look of the Ocean.  Car dealerships are also jumping on the fake rock and stone band wagon.  Many SUV dealerships are using fake stone and boulders to display off roading abilities of there vehicles.  
Fake stone is used both in interior and exterior projects.  Many buildings are now using fake stone panels on the outside to look like real stone structures.  Many builders are using this process instead of stucco or actual brick mason material. 

“DIY” enthusiasts should not shy away from using fake stone.  There are numerous home projects that are now being done.    Many homeowners are using fake rock/ stone to create walkways, fireplaces and fake rock panels are also being applied to indoor walls to jazz up dens living rooms and even bathrooms. 

Why use fake rock/ stone?   Lightweight, fake stone and fake rock  panels weight about one pound per square foot.  The corners are in lineal foot. .  Fake rock/stone also adds structural support to any building but as mentioned earlier is lightweight and easy to work with.

By using fake stone and rock allows for greater creativity at a more cost effective price, ensuring the integrity, and beauty of any project for years to come.

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