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Fake Rock Panels

Free Three Day ClassIn today’s architecture and design worlds fake rock panels are now being used.                               

Consisting of synthetic material that resembles actual rock as well as stone and now brick, this new found popularity allows for any project to be done economically and artistically.  There are many new techniques and materials out there to aid both the artist and others into transforming there ordinary project into the dream project.

Interior designers are using the fake rock panel to recreate brick fireplaces, foyers,  as well as bathroom walls .  In the past many people used paneling in there homes and in today’s market we see the fake panel taking its place.  For those coinsures of wine fake rock panels are now being used to recreate cellars for wine storage. 

Many of the resorts, golf course, and hotels are using fake rock to enhance there athletics.  Bringing a natural habitat into there lobby’s and properties are very popular and now they can maintain and change the environment with out the cumbersome weight of actual stone.

What is very interesting is now you are seeing many residential areas, housing developments and landscaping jobs using fake rock.  The outdoor kitchen and barbeque areas and fire pits are now more popular than ever.   We are now seeing fake rock used around spas and hot tubs.  Molded from real rock stonework like material that interlock around the spa to give the spa the look of a mountainous hot springs so the size of these rocks can be very large or as small as rocks used in fish tanks. 

Many are using the fake rock panels for patios and outdoor areas.  Gardens are new hot items for many home owners and businesses.  Fake rocks  are placed on the ground or on top of sand to create stepping stones or walking paths.  Fake wood is available as well for those who would want to create a woodsy feel to there project.

Fake rock construction methods have changed the way many masonry projects are installing and using there trade.  Masonry contractors are applying fake rock construction methods in both residential and commercial projects.

Fake rock panels and siding are great ways that fake rock is now being incorporated into construction projects.  The manufacturing process is efficient so that many homes and businesses feature some type of fake rock material.  Fake stone siding is made with the aid of a mold which in turn is made from real stone.

Fake rock panel are made from light weight concrete and then poured into molds and thus gives the color of actual stone.  It is sold in flats by the square foot as well as linear foot.  It is user friendly.   Most of the material needed for a fake rock panel project is sold at your local Home Depot of Lowes.  It is recommended that you research and even take a training course on how to develop and use your own fake  rock and fake rock materials.

Fake rock  panels can and has been proven to aid the contractor, landscaper, project manor; mason and even the novice who wants to do a weekend project in there own back yard.  Allowing for greater creativity, inexpensive projects, that will ensure the integrity and beauty meant for any project.

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