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Decorative Rocks Add Luxury and Value

Emphasis on entertaining is boon to indoor and outdoor living products

Rocks are essential to any landscape design today.

Hottest Products!

Fire pits - A must- have amenity. Fire pits can be created in many different styles. Gas and wood burning are available. 

Outdoor kitchens - Enormously popular, they can be equipped with fake rock fireplaces, pizza ovens, barbeques and more. 

Bubbler rocks - Decorative rock can double as bubbler rocks that come in all sizes, shapes and designs. The musical sound of water can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

Rock covers - Hide electrical outlets, well pumps, pool pumps, plumbing and other items.  

Water features - Grottos, ponds, streams and waterfalls of all sizes and shapes are quick and easy to install.

Decorative overlays - Renew or enhance the look of a wall, deck, patio or floors with cliff rock, fractured rock and other styles of synthetic rock panels.

Striking desertscapes, lush tropical paradises, contemporary Japanese gardens, quaint country kitchens.

Contractors can deliver whatever a customer wants with the hottest beautification product on the market today: artificial rock, stone and brick.

“With outdoor entertaining at an all time high, faux rock features are enjoying a huge surge,” said Bobbi Jenkins, a top administrator of Superior Rock Solutions, an international company that produces innovative fake rock products and designs. “Consumers are asking for products that allow them to blend indoor and outdoor living.

“Artificial rock is the perfect solution to tie everything together.”

With the dramatic increase in the demand for outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, water features  – and even climbing walls -  Superior Rock Solutions has a  variety of products and designs for contractors to choose from.

Training also is available for professionals wanting to update their skills to produce high quality decorative rock and to install rock panels efficiently and effectively.  

Tips for success

When designing outdoor and indoor projects with man-made rock and stone panels, experts offer some simple rules:

Mix and match - Select two or three types of rock, brick or stone panels that complement each other. Anymore than three usually is too much.

Choose one style - Rustic traditional or stark modern? Not both. For a more natural look, don’t mix styles.

Add dimension - Use more than one color or texture to add contrast, interest and dimension to rocks. Too many can be distracting.

Buy quality - Some companies sell inferior product in pre-packaged containers at inflated prices. Research products carefully.

Proper installation - Know proper installation techniques to avoid costly errors

Asymmetrical placement - In landscaped areas, rocks appear more natural when scattered and separated rather than lined up in symmetrical patterns.

Alternate textures - When adding texture to grottos, waterfalls, cliffs and other large features, imitate Mother Nature with random smooth and ragged patterns for a more authentic look. Use a variety of tools to create varied impressions.

Natural getaways at home   

Today’s decorative rocks are quite versatile. It can transform a mundane space into a spectacular entertaining area or a tranquil setting.

To produce the most realistic stones and rocks, Superior Rock Solutions creates its molds from real rock. Unique patented formulas resist stains, are leak proof and can withstand extreme temperatures. 

The company’s decorative rock products are lightweight, eco-friendly and outright stunning in appearance.  A range of rich, earthy colors and stains are available to add warmth and dimension to any project.
Faux bricks ranging from traditional red brick to weathered-looking limestone are ideal for flooring, walls and pathways to tie together interior and exterior spaces.

For more than 30 years, Superior Rock Solutions has tested, manufactured and designed fake rock products for happy customers worldwide: zoos, resorts, theme parks, airports, apartment communities, residential homes and others.

Superior Rock Solutions can help professionals meet their goals – and budget - for a fabulous indoor or outdoor project. For a free estimate, or for more information, call toll-free at 1-800-651-7573 or email us!

Call 1-800-651-7573 to Order Faux Rock Products Superior Rock Solutions
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